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Why Overdressed?

Vanessa posed a question to me in a comment earlier today. She asked: "Do you think it's worse to be overdressed or underdressed? (That question came to me because of your blog's name)."

Well, I can tell you that I believe whole-heartedly that it's much, MUCH worse to be underdressed than overdressed.

But then the question that begs to be asked is: "Why?"

So I thought perhaps I should address my philosphy here and now.

See, to me, you can never look too good. Being overdressed leads to one, very wonderful, result: everyone notices you! All the attention is on you! (Notice the tagline that I just yesterday added to my blog title!)

I present Exhibit A: If I go to a casual, neighborhood, backyard cookout, and all the other moms are in shorts and flip-flops, and I wear a cute little sundress - maybe even *gasp* skyscrapers (heels) - everyone will be talking about how cute I am. No one will leave the party saying, "Wow! Did you get a load 'a them khaki shorts Billy's mom was wearing??!"

Exhibit B: If I go to a football game in an outdoor stadium on a beautiful, chilly fall day, and everyone else has on jeans and sweatshirts, and I wear a plaid wool mini skirt with high-heeled boots and a cashmere sweater, who do you think gets all the looks? Not those silly little college girls.

Hello. I'm Kalisah. And I'm an attention whore.

On the other hand...
If you show up to an event and your underdressed, attention will still be forthcoming. But it will not be the GOOD kind. Oh, no no no.

Jeans with flat sandals and a Gap tank top is a very cute outfit on its own, but show up to a cocktail party where every other girl has on a LBD, and you look rather pitiful. The girls will look at you and frown and shake their heads and whisper, "So sad that she has no sense of style."

The thing is - a confident woman can pull off either one. But a confident woman who is overdressed will have everyone convinced - without saying a word - that she fully intended it that way. Every man there will want to leave with her. And every woman there will wish they'd thought of it first.