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And now, the end is near...

Can't believe it's Sunday night already.

Friday night the three of us went to see "The Terminal." I was a little disappointed. I thought that most all of the characters were severely shallow and underdeveloped. And I totally didn't get why the Home Land Security dude spent the whole movie trying to get Tom Hanks out of his airport, but then, when he could leave, Airport Dude tried to stop him?? Maybe I had a few too many cocktails before the movie b/c I was not following that part at all.

On Saturday, I had a lot of errands to run. I leave for Monaco a week from Tuesday, which is very exciting b/c I've never been to Europe!! So I had to take my two cocktail dresses to the cleaners. And I had to take my formal to the alterations shop to get it hemmed. It's a beautiful iridescent burgundy dress that I found a couple of years ago on sale. This is the first time I've had such a formal opportunity to wear it. It's fabulous. It's Greek Goddess-like.

Big Daddy was busy working on the landscaping of the other house - getting it in selling order, you know - so I took him lunch. I told him I was thinking of going to the mall to try to find a necklace to wear with my formal. He said, "Maybe I'll buy you a nice piece of jewelry." Ahhh...man of my heart!! He followed that up with a quick request to have me pick up a couple pairs of boxers for him at Old Navy. Isn't marriage romantic?

We met up later at the mall and Big Daddy bought be a beautiful diamond necklace! I thought that called for a little something special for Big Daddy in return, so I called My Kid and had him make arrangements to spend the night at The Twins'.

Big Daddy was tired from all the yard work though, so we just went for a nice dinner at Grisanti's. I had veal parmesan. It was YUM!!

Today I did laundry, cleaned a bit and COOKED DINNER. Wow. That's a big shocker. I can't even remember the last time I cooked at home. It's been months, I'm sure. I made chicken spaghetti, at Big Daddy's request. There's no such thing as too much Italian to him.

And we watched "The Butterfly Effect" on DVD. Not a movie I would ordinarily care to see, but I was bored and there's no sports on this time of year. Surprisingly, it was really good. I was impressed. Not like it's my favorite movie or anything, but I didn't feel like I'd wasted two hours. I thought it was very well done. Especially the end, which I wouldn't call a "surprise" ending - not like, "Wow! No shit?" - but it was not predictable and that is a very very good thing in movies these days.

Now My Kid is home, with The Twins, who are spending the night here tonight. I'm glad he has such good friends. They're good kids and sleepovers mean My Kid has other kids to play with. But I'm going to put away the lap top now lest they get any crazy ideas.