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Woo-Hoo! Pictures! And hair!

It took me all freakin day, but I posted pictures! Yay me! I can't believe I did it.

So here it is: the hair that ate blogtown. And apparently, I was saving up all my money for my vacations, because look how dark my roots are in every single shot. Ewww. Must remember to take sunglasses off of head before photo shoots.

Anyhoo, you kinda get the idea. My hair's really (really) thick. And it's pretty curly naturally. Only I straighten it. With lots & lots of product and a straight iron. My hair is mighty good to me considering how badly I abuse it.

Wanna play along with finding Dana?

If so... you'll have to send me an invitation to be a writer on your blog!

Hope to hear from ya!
- Dana

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